Love literally goes through the nose!

Just follow your nose! The olfactory perception, our sense of smell, affects our whole life. Smells are linked to memories, change our feelings and even influence our partner choice. The winged word “good smell someone” has quite a sense. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön have now found out: Vertebrates recognize by the smell whether the genome and the body’s defenses fit in with them. Love literally goes through the nose. Perfume of a favored scent strength reinforces our genetic message almost like a make-up. Also for this, we have “a fine nose”. Since pre-Christian times, people have been trying to shape their own scent, making it more comfortable for themselves and others. What smells good and what does not.

We at EMRA LLC want to support our customers in finding their individual fitting favorite perfume aside. We understand ourselves as a fragrance lover. We present hundreds of exclusive, luxurious perfumes.

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